Funny Letter 5-Step

Seriously, it’s OK not to be so serious.

It’s the middle of July and, well, your letters may be getting just a bit stale.  How many times can you tell your camper about the wonderful dinner you had, or the not-so-new dress you wore, or the latest goings-on at the neighbors’ house. It’s time to take action!  It’s time to add a little humor to your letters.  And it’s easier than you might think – and you can do it in 5 easy steps!  

Step #1:  Add in a joke or two: the latest from the water cooler.  That knee-slapper that Aunt Thelma shared at Mom’s birthday party.  Or, better yet, consult the Letters To Camp joke list.

Step #2: Mix it up!  Try writing from a new perspective – like that of your dog, cat, or pet (is there any other kind?) fish.  You’d be amazed at what happens when you take your dog’s perspective on things.

Step #3: Get a little zany.  Seriously – er no, NOT seriously, there’s no reason to be serious all the time.  Camp is supposed to be fun – and your letters should be too.  Play on words.  Make unusual observations.  Get silly.  Get funny. Get cuh-razy.  You might even (gasp) try (no, don’t do it!) sarcasm!  Seriously, it’s OK.  Of course you risk an eye-roll from your kid.  But they’d probably do the same thing if you wrote a serious letters – so by all means, do give zany a try.  You’ve got nothing to lose but your boredom!  Try a CampLib,  a fill-in-the-blank letter, or even a multiple choice letter to mix it up.

Step #4: Tell stories.  Make ’em up or take a slice from your day and expand and, er, embellish on it.  Remember, most kids have no idea what perjury is, and I’m pretty sure it’s only a problem if you’re in court or in front of Congress or a police officer.  It’s unlikely that your story will become evidence at an upcoming trial, so I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to tell a fictional story.  That said, I do think it’s a good idea to inform your child that said story is fictional, which will help them to discern between fact and fiction.  Apparently, this whole fact vs. fiction thing is a skills lacking in the homes of many politicians.  Personally, I’m big on dog stories but I’ve also manufactured funny stories out of regular events.

Step #5: Just have fun.  Every day, desperate parents visit this site seeking magical advice on funny letter-writing.  And as it turns out, the magic is already inside YOU – it’s just waiting to escape.  I’m pretty sure that you already have the tools to be funny.  Just jump in, starting writing, and let your funny side take over.  You’ll be surprised at what happens next (and no, I’m not talking about winning the lottery).  Your camper will laugh and you’ll get more enjoyment from writing letters to camp.


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