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Dear Mikey….

Unlike letters from campers, it’s no coincidence that you don’t hear much about letters to campers from their parents, family and friends. And there’s a good reason for that. Compared to their campers (like the fictional Mikey), parents, family and friends don’t have that much to say. After all, going to the same job, eating the same dinners, walking the same dog, watching the same TV shows are, well, not terribly interesting and well, not very letter worthy. I am not saying that my own life is interesting, but that, on its own, it is not necessarily “letter-worthy.”

[Confession:] In fact, that’s why I usually let my wife write our letters (via email). Every now and then (as in, rarely), something interesting happens so I write or chime in on the daily email letter. Or I get a creative bug and write an unusual or funny (or at least funny to me) letter. Heck, things have got so bad that I have even written letters from our dog (I will share one soon).

This would not be a problem except that when we ask them, our kids routinely say that they want a letter each day. Every single day. Not just every other day… not just when something interesting happens… not just when we go somewhere else… No, they want letters every day. And as caring parents (yes, other adjectives do come to mind…), we decided it was best to support them with daily letters.

So I started to think — and I realized that I was probably not alone in my lack of letter-worthiness. I know that my own Mom faced the same problem some years ago when we were campers. And she had 4 campers to write – and by hand no less. And I bet that you, or someone you know with campers, has a similar problem.

There is a better way — and this blog is designed to solve this pesky problem, so that we parents can ensure that our letters are, well, letter worthy! How? Through (dare I say) canned letters that you can customize on your own to meet your needs. Simply cut and paste a letter, drop it into your email (you do have email, don’t you?), add a few tweaks, and you are good to go. I will also offer some inspiration a well – interesting topics that you can write about on your own.

So check back soon for lots ‘o letters for “Mikey,” inspiration, and even a few laughs!




Welecome to the “Letters to Camp” blog where we help parents write better letters! Check back soon for all sorts of great tools that will help you write scintilating letters to your campers.


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