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We’re Looking for YOUR Letters to Camp

Your letter could be a star!

Ah, the joys of unpacking your campers!  As you unpack, there’s a good chance that you just may find a few of the masterpiece letters you sent to your campers.  I know you’re hoping that the pages are tattered as your camper read and re-read your funny stories.  Or perhaps you’re hoping that they’re tear-stained as said camper reflected on your sage advice. Or overwritten with their notes on answering the latest SAT math question you sent.  Or – and I hope this is not the case – those letters may still be sitting, crisp and unread, nestled in their original envelopes.

Regardless of their state, those gems, those works of art, those clever tomes – they all have a second life!  I’d like to feature YOUR LETTERS in upcoming blog posts.  Please email me an image of your letter and I may feature it in an upcoming post.  Interested?  GREAT – please email me at letters [at]!

Thanks – and happy unpacking!


The Letters to Camp Packing List

What to pack in that first letter

This week, our oldest left for camp.  So of course we immediately dashed off our first letter.  Hard to say why, but that first letter is always a mind-bender.  It had been 10 months since I’d written my last camp letter.  And as usual, I had such a big packing list filled with things I had to say in that special, first letter:

Continue reading ‘The Letters to Camp Packing List’

Guest Post: Mom and Dad – Don’t Forget About Me

— By Jeff & Lonnie Lorenz

This post comes from Jeff and Lonnie Lorenz, owners and directors of Swift Nature Campa summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 and located 2.5 hours Northeast of Minneapolis Minnesota.  Swift Nature Camp blends traditional summer camp with an appreciation for nature and the environment, providing an education outside the classroom. Activities include archery, canoeing, art & crafts, skiing, as well as backpacking and canoeing trips.  Contact the camp at 630-654-8036.

From time to time, we invite guests to post their letter-writing experiences to the Letters to Camp Blog.  Interested?  Click to learn more.

Mom and Dad – Don’t Forget About Me

Advice from seasoned camp directors

Kids love to get letters!! Don’t we all. Some parents will send a little care package filled with a comic books, some little games, a bandana, posters, photos or other items, but no food, please. Correspondence with your camper is a critical aspect of the camp experience, and we can offer some practical suggestions. Continue reading ‘Guest Post: Mom and Dad – Don’t Forget About Me’

Funny Letters To and From Camp

Check out Mike Sacks’ page full of funny letters back and forth to camp.  I hope they’re fictional…

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Finally – Help for Parent Letter-Writers

Challenged to write great letters to your camper(s)? Help is here! The Letters to Camp Blog will help you to write better letters. More

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