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Discussion: How Do You Write Great Letters?

Let’s face it, by now you’re an expert at this whole parenting thing.  After all, if your camper is at overnight camp, they’re at least 6 (at the young side) years old.  And chances are, you probably have more than a few great ideas of how to write GREAT letters to your campers!

So when it comes to writing letters to your child at camp, what’s worked for you?   Continue reading ‘Discussion: How Do You Write Great Letters?’


I’m looking for YOUR Advice

How would you like to be a guest contributor to the Letters to Camp Blog – the first blog dedicated to writing letters to overnight campers?

Over the “winter” (as in fall, winter and spring) months, I’d like to invite YOU to share your own tips on writing letters to your overnight camper(s)! Continue reading ‘I’m looking for YOUR Advice’

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Finally – Help for Parent Letter-Writers

Challenged to write great letters to your camper(s)? Help is here! The Letters to Camp Blog will help you to write better letters. More

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