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Write Better Letters, From the Experts, part II

more-expert-advice-letters-to-campContinuing yesterday’s post (with advice from camps and camping organizations) , following is additional expert letter-writing and summer camp advice from parenting experts as well as a variety of parenting websites.

We’ve included a lot of different opinions – and is always the case with parenting, some advice will conflict – but that’s OK.  Pick and choose the advice that works for you.  Either way, you’ll come away with a variety of great perspectives on camp letter-writing.

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A Good Disconnect

When I was growing up, kids didn’t have the constant electronic tether to their parents that they do today.  It caused the inevitable problems of course – for instance, never knowing where my brother was at dinner time (and having to call everyone in the neighborhood to find out), going to the wrong mall entrance to get picked up and missing our mom, not knowing when she’d get there to pick us up, etc.

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7 Point Font & Other Acts of Desperation

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By now, you’re a seasoned letter-writer.  Your letters to camp are masterful.  Funny.  No, hysterical.  Engaging.  Illuminating.  Pieces of fine art.  World-class prose.  On par with those of John and Abigail Adams.  But if your letters are too long, how can you shorten them?

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Ah, letters to camp… Letter-writing is all about communication.  And since I was a camper sometime way before 1990, things have changed… and how!

My loving parents used to pack us off to camp on a bus and that was the last they saw of us until visiting day over three weeks later.  That’s just the way they did things back before 1990.  Now parents can instantly send email, sometimes even receive email from campers, send and receive faxes (policies vary of course), see pictures of their campers, read blog posts, and even see videos!  Check out Julie Kraut’s guest opinion in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for more thoughts.

Parents become experts at picking up little hints about their kids’ experience from posted phots and blog posts… who is she standing next to?  Why isn’t he smiling?  Why is the other kid in so many pictures when my kid is invisible? Problem is, we’re not really experts at deciphering this, and believe it or not, there really is no way to know what your child is experiencing.  Heck, it can be hard enough to tell when your kid is standing right in front of you, let alone in a picture from camp (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit but you get the point).

This became even more clear for me recently when I visited a great camp that’s similar to my own kids’ camp.  As I sat at dinner watching other kids happily sing songs, dance and engage in many special camp traditions, I realized just how few of the songs, dances and traditions I actually knew from my own kids’ camp.  And because I didn’t go there as a camper, I realized that I will never be able to fully understand their camp experience as they do. But I can see that it’s OK for my kids to have their own special and unique experiences.  Those experiences are just a part kids’ growth into independent individuals.  When they choose to share, they will.  And when they don’t, I’ll have to trust the highly capable people that run their camp.   

Remember, camp is really all about your camper’s experience, not yours.  The bottom line: for your child, the most important form of communication is the letter, email or fax that you send them.

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Finally – Help for Parent Letter-Writers

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