Send a Book to Your Camper


Summer with a TwistMeredith and the Mean Girls

Every year parents labor over what goodies to send their kids in a care package.  Stickers? Card games? Stationery? Pens? Autographable pillowcases? Candy (if allowed by the camp)? Ah the possibilities are endless (and several are available in the Letters to Camp Store powered by Amazon).

How about this: send your camper a book, written by a kid like them. As it turns out, I am acquainted with two such authors, Citra Tenore (age 12) and Maddie Siegel (who wrote her book when she was age 9).

(See important note at the bottom of this post)

Summer with a Twist

Citra Tenore’sSummer with a Twist book, Summer with a Twist (246 pages) was just published and tells the story of a pre-teen girl’s vacation misadventures. From a missed concert with friends to a pesky younger brother to a family beach vacation with more unexpected turns that you can count, your camper will enjoy this book. And since it’s written by, and reads like a book written by a 12-year old, your camper might just feel like she’s reading a book written by her best friend. As Citra’s dad told me, it’s also great inspiration: it shows that your own daughter can write a book as well.  You can buy Summer with a Twist here and check out recent coverage about the book in Video on Scholastic Reporters’ Notebook, the Boston Globe, and the Andover Townsman.

Meredith and the Mean Girls

Meredith and the Mean GirlsFirst published in 2009, Maddie Siegel’s Meredith and the Mean Girls, (200 pages) tells the story of a girl who’s just moved cross country and is starting 10th grade at a new school.  She goes from victim to friend. If you’re looking to inspire your camper, check out Maddie’s website where she shares how kids can be good authors. Watch local TV new coverage or read about the book on



Does Your Camp Allow Care Packages?

Many camps prohibit or place restrictions on packages to campers. Consult your camp’s website before sending a package of any sort.


1 Response to “Send a Book to Your Camper”

  1. 1 Oliver Jones April 20, 2016 at 3:38 am

    Awesome list! I can’t wait for camping season to start!

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