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Write Better Letters, From the Experts, part I

expert-advice-letters-to-campA variety of resources can help you to write the best letters to your sleepaway campers.  Today we’ll look at a few national organizations as well as summer camps themselves.  In part II (tomorrow), we’ll look at what parenting experts and bloggers have to say.

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Our Camp Surprise: Kid-sickness

OK, I admit it: we miss our kids!

I’d have to say that it really took us by surprise.  We knew our kids would have a great time at overnight camp, that they’d meet many new friends, learn new things, challenge themselves, learn to be independent.  And we were confident that we’d chosen the very best sleepaway camp for our kids.
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Letter-Writing Advice

You will find that many camp websites have advice for parents on how to write a letter to your camper.

  • For example, Camp Winnamocka in Arkadelphia, Arkansas advices parents to write letters that focus on the positive experience of the child, while appropriately acknowledging that you miss them.
  • The Whispering Pines Camp of Frederic Wisconsin advises parents to write thoughtful emails – one or two line emails are quickly disregarded by the camper.
  • Outside of New York City, Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camps reminds parents to send letters before campers go to camp so that letters will be waiting. See the section on Mail.
  • The Making Life Better website quotes the president of the American Camp Association, who encourages parents and children to write letters to each other because this is one of the opportunities to do so. The page also includes great advice on what to send your child in care packages.
  • Camp Hollymont of Asheville, North Carolina, tells parents to “Remember to write happy letters of encouragement and please do not use this as an opportunity to write about ‘bad news.’
  • The Summer Camp Advisor website advices that “Keeping in touch with your child begins even before she gets on the bus for camp and should continue the whole time that he or she is at camp.” Check out information on homesickness as well.

The American Camping Association

…is a great resource for parents of new campers. Check out their site:
Parents’ info:

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Finally – Help for Parent Letter-Writers

Challenged to write great letters to your camper(s)? Help is here! The Letters to Camp Blog will help you to write better letters. More

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