The Letters to Camp Packing List

What to pack in that first letter

This week, our oldest left for camp.  So of course we immediately dashed off our first letter.  Hard to say why, but that first letter is always a mind-bender.  It had been 10 months since I’d written my last camp letter.  And as usual, I had such a big packing list filled with things I had to say in that special, first letter:

  • Encouragement (5 pair):
    “I know you’re going to have a blast this summer.  Looks like you have a great bunk.”
  • Questions (Limit 2):
    “What’s your counselor’s name” or “Who else is in your bunk?”
  • Personal experience (Just one will do):
    “I always looked forward to the Color War at Camp Green Meadow.”
  • Funny anecdotes (1 or 2 pair):
    “One night we forgot to close the windows before a rainstorm and got soaked – it was funny until the cabin flooded.”
  • Local news (1 but no more than 2):
    “We woke up to find that Fido had chewed a hole our blanket!” or
    “The Smiths came over for dinner last night and we grilled outside.” or “Yesterday was sunny in the 80’s.”  [yawn]
  • Make new friends (1 short, 2 long):
    “We hope you’ll make a lot of nice friends this summer – can’t wait to hear about them.”
  • Enjoy camp (pack as many as you want at the end):
    “Have a GREAT time!” and “Have fun!”
  • Don’t forget (1 is plenty!):
    “Remember to change your sheets at least once in 8 weeks.”

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