Super Pup Pup Saves the Day!

Another dog-venture!

Let’s face it, your life may not be that interesting – but that shouldn’t stop you from writing great letters.  Here’s a dog story you can easily include in your next letter.

And, then… wait  this just in!  Super Pup Pup has just arrested a robber in Williamsville where Grandma and Grandpa live!  Here’s what happened:  

It was really a pretty normal day. Mom and Dad were out and Super Pup Pup was sitting at home in his crate when suddenly he heard a boom, crash, ping, pluck!  Super Pup Pup knew something was amiss so he immediately sprung into action.  He reached his paw to open the latch from the outside, jumped out and ran to the window.

He couldn’t believe what he saw!  Just outside the house a mean looking robber had smashed the window of Grandma’s car!  Ever vigilant, Super Pup Pup ran to the door and jumped through the mailbox opening.  After all, Super Pup Pup is a long-haired dog fluffed up by air, so he “compresses” easily.  He ran down the front walk, left his mark on a tree and lunged onto the robber.  Of course the robber was surprised to get pounced by such a small and seemingly friendly pup.  But that’s our Super Pup Pup for you!

Super Pup Pup scratched at the robber who suddenly toppled over and broke his pinky finger.  It was just a pinky but for some reason, the robber was in so much pain that he curled up on the ground and started to… cry!  Super Pup Pup jumped on him again and used his super slobber powers to keep the bad guy from running away.  Another dog saw the mayhem and ran inside to alert his owner who called the police who came quickly and arrested the robber.

Later that day, John Q. O’Puppihan awarded Super Pup Pup with the key to the city, a very big honor indeed.  But for Super Pup Pup, it was just another day of stopping evil in its tracks!


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