More Funny Letter to Camp Secrets

More Funny Letters to Camp Secrets

Picking up from the last post, here are more secrets to funny camper letters!

#1: Transform the mundane into the amusing. Let’s face it, your home life is probably a lot less interesting than your camper’s experience.  So spice yours up.  Search out funny details.  For example, my daughter left an old orange in her gym bag for a month.  Let’s just say that it had changed color and shape.  We got some good mileage out of that one for months.

#2: Tell a funny story. Story-telling is as old as civilization.  I’m not sure how old humor is, but I’m pretty sure that it’s been around for a while too.  I mean seriously, what was up with that 2-by-2 thing in the Noah story anyways?  My Dad is a master story-teller – famous for his stories from the [fictitious] land of Oo-Bobbly-Bubblegum.  And I have been known to tell a story or two about my own dog, Super Pup Pup.

#3: Find humor in what you know. Actually my Super Pup Pup story shows that you can have fun with something that you know well – your house, your pets, your town.  Use what you know as a starting point.

#4: Make up descriptive words. Made-up words sound funny — naturally.  Check out this dictionary of sniglets, made up words that sound real.
IMPORTANT: The Letters to Camp blog does not condone the use of sniglets in place of the SAT word of the day!

#5: Add sarcasm – but only if it’s obvious. Sarcasm is soooo tempting.  But remember that younger children often miss the finer points of sarcasm.  My daughter used to ask me if I was being sarcastic so she’d know how to react to whatever I was saying.  Hmmm…. Maybe it was me?  Not sure.  “Can you tell that we are having the most exciting summer at home this year, what with cleaning the bathroom today and mopping the floor yesterday?”

What are your secrets to funny letters to campers?  Let us know!


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