4 Secrets to Funny Letters to Campers

You’ll be writing funny letters in no time!

Many visitors to this blog ask how to write a funny letter to their campers.  The reason is obvious: they just paid umpty-nine-bazillion dollars (plus fees) to send their campers away and they intend to keep them there!  Or they just want their kids to have a great summer.  Either way, humor is good.  So letters to camp should be humorful, er, funny!

Following are a few suggestions that will help you to write funny letters that may keep you kids [happy] at sleep-away camp.

#1: Tell a funny story. OK, I have to confess, my wife and I don’t just fall into stories that we think are funny, let alone stories that our kids think are funny.  But they’re out there if you look hard enough.  And your kids will enjoy them.  At least, they’ll give you points for creativity.

#2: Tell a joke. You’d be amazed at the possibilities – everything from knock knocks to crossing the road jokes.  Looking for more?  Check out my earlier posts: kid jokes; general sites.

#3: Change your perspective. For example, we love to write, er transcribe, letters from our dog.  He’s a genius (takes after my side of the family) after all, so my kids aren’t surprised to get letters from him.  It’s amazing how changing perspective immediately changes a boring narrative into a funny letter.  Check out this this letter from a dog or this one!

#4: Add a little silliness. Most parents opt to do a factual running narrative of their day.  Now I would never suggest that you actually fib to your camper, but you don’t need to restrict yourself to the truth either.  I.e., add a funny, obviously fictitious story and you’ll give your camper a good laugh.  I.e., feel free to make it up as you go.  Heck, if you’re feeling guilty about making it up, do something funny so you can talk about it later!  Example: “We visited grandma and grandpa’s house and pretended it was a restaurant!  Isn’t that silly?”  OK, maybe not, but you get the point…

Check back for more tips!


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