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Dog Letter #2

So I just wrote my daily email to my camper.  Yikes – my dog had more to write about than I did.  In fact, his letter was 3x as long as mine.  If you’re looking for a letter-writing idea, try taking a different perspective, such as that of your dog as I did in an earlier post. Here’s today’s letter:

Dear Mikey,

It’s Fido here. Mom took for a long walk in the morning and gave me breakfast. I waited in the crate for Dad to let me out. Dad actually took me for a five-minute run and at one point, I actually ran ahead of Dad – that was fun!

Dad went out so I went back into my crate. When he got home, Dad let me out. At around 3, I barked at Dad. It’s like he just doesn’t get me – I was b-a-r-k-i-n-g. Obviously I wanted something. But what was it? Well, I just wanted a nice walk to survey my domain. Anywho, he figured maybe I needed to do my business, so he took me for a long-ish walk up and down the street. No business…. But it was great to get out for some fresh air.

Later on, with everyone away, I was getting bored, so  I started jumping up and down and barking at Dad.  So Dad and I played fetch.  He tossed different toys and I ran furiously after them.  I love that feeling of running from one end of the house to the other, jumping over shoes and anything else in my way.  Eventually I was getting bored so I brought two other toys for Dad to throw.  But eventually I got bored with that too, so I just took my toy away and went to sit by the front door.  Sometimes I like “Fetch” and sometimes I just don’t.  It’s a dog’s life…

About an hour later, I barked again and jumped on Dad’s leg, so he gave me dinner. I love dinner! Hee hee hee… Dad thought that was enough for me – but he wr-ong!  I sniffed something tasty in the dining room, so later on I secretly jumped on a dining room chair and grabbed Mom’s bread bag from the table, ripped the bag and had bread for dinner too! I just don’t know why Mom leaves bread on the dining room table.

Later, Dad was sitting watching TV with me at his feet. I started to walk all over the family room and whine. No barking, just a whine and a whimper. Wow, he finally gets it! He thought maybe I had to do my business and that’s exactly what I did when he took me for another walk! That Dad – he’s the best even if I do have to bounce up and down and bark at him when I need stuff.

Can’t wait to slobber on you 4 weeks from Thursday. Hope you’re having fun.

Fondly, Your Dog Fidooooooooooooooooo

Multiple Choice Letter #1

Parents: Add your child’s name, fill in the blanks with X’s, cut and paste and you are good to go!

Dear Mikey,

Oh man! Mom said that I could not leave this morning until I wrote you an email. Can you believe it? I sure as heck am not going to spend a lot of time on this one! Well, I have been prepared for just such an “emergency” with my fill-in-the-blank email … so here goes. I’ll just put an “X” in front of my answers and I’ll be done in no time!

Dear ____________________,

Yesterday was a ___boring, ___exciting, ___wonderful, ___splendid, ___magnificent, ___messed up day.

Well, it all started when ___I woke up, ___I tripped on the phone cord, ___my boss yelled at me, ___Mom yelled at me, ___the sun came up, ___I got zapped by lightning, ___heard an incredibly loud thunderbolt over my head when I woke up!

Well, anyways, after I woke up, I ___went to the bathroom, ___tripped on your iTouch and broke it, ___thought about working out, ___worked out.

Then I ___took a shower, ___used soap, ___brushed my teeth, ___ate breakfast (at work).

It was getting to be ___time to go, ___late, ___afternoon, ___midnight so I ___went to work, ­­­___ went back to sleep, ___went to the doctor.

When I got there, I found out that ___I was just on time, ___no one else was there, ___I had a lot of work to do, ___it was actually a holiday, ___my office was closed.

But things got better. While I was there, I ___got a lot of work done, ___spoke to friends, ___polished my nails (ha!), ___had meetings (du-uh!).

In fact during the day, I had ___0, ___1 to 3, ___3 to 5, ___6 to 10, ___a bazillion, ___way too many meetings! And that was just during the first hour! Just kidding!!!!

Anyways, later on, I ___ate lunch, ___ate a snack, ___ate a cookie, ___took a long walk, ___found $10.

And then I went ___home, ___to the store, ___somewhere else.

When I got home, it was so wonderful ___to see Mom, ___to pet the dog, ___to make dinner, ___to wash dishes, ___to walk the dog in the rain, ___to read your letter! ___to get a letter from your sibling, ___to get a letter from anyone (even if it was not you!)

You’re probably wondering about the weather. Well, yesterday it was ___sunny, ___raining all day, ___raining for part of the day, ___cloudy, ___sort of cold, ___better than at your camp!

Well, that’s about it. When I think of you, I think about ___how nice it was to see you recently, ___how much I miss you, ___how much you dislike my emails, ___how much fun you must be having.


___Your only, ___Your favorite, ___your very best, ___Dad, ___Mom, ___someone else

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