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That very most dreaded Monday morning has arrived. Not because of work. Or the start of another week. Or that important appointment. Or because your in-laws are stopping by.  No, today is dreaded because you have to write YOUR VERY LETTER TO YOUR OVERNIGHT CAMPER!

You Can Do It!

I know the feeling. And it’s OK, you can do this.  Of course you can! (Yay you!)

Every Monday, campers’ parents and family people desperately search for tips on how to write letters to their sleepaway campers. But it’s OK, because letter writing (do people actually do that still?) is easier than you may think.  Read on for the recipe for great letters.

The Recipe

Trust Yourself  - Dr. SpockBut in case you do need some ideas, here’s a simple letters to camp recipe to get you started on that first letter or (more likely, email) to your camper.

  1. First, send a letter straight from your heart. Write what you’re thinking. The only exception is this: don’t make your camper miss you or home too much.
  2. Throw in a dash of news. What’s happening at home? What did you have for dinner? What’s happening in your family? Who’s on top in the American League East? Who won last night’s game?
  3. Drop in a joke or a funny story. Did something funny happy at work? Playgroup? Pilates? Grocery store? Or drop in your favorite joke.
  4. Add a dose of encouragement. Encourage your camper to have a good time, make new friends, etc.  Tell them how proud you are of them.

That wasn’t so bad!

That’s it – you’re done.  Yay you!  Check back for more ideas on how you can write better letters to your overnight camper.

More Letters to Camp Ideas


(Dr. Spock quote is a picture of a fridge magnet we own)


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