Quick Letter with Dog Jokes

When it comes to letter writing, I try to mix it up – for example, this letter is quick and funny.

Hey Mikey!

Hope you’re having a great Friday! Weather here is great. This morning I went for a run and then Mom and I walked Fidoe. Took him a while to do his biz but he finally got around to it – thankfully OUTSIDE the house! Today I’m off to… WORK!

Anywho, here are a few dog jokes:

Joke #1

Considering all the business your dog does, he should be a millionaire by now!


Joke #2:

Ten things you should teach your dog:

(1) How to use his inside bark instead of his outside bark

(2) How to stop always eating like an animal – no more putting his face in the food

(3) How to pause between bites so he can participate in polite conversation

(4) How to clean up after himself instead of waiting for Mom to pick up his business

(5) How to quietly let himself out of his crate, open the front door, pee, and get his own breakfast without always having to ask

(6) How to wash his paws before dinner

(7) How to say hello when people come to the door instead of barking

(8) How to pick up the phone when someone calls

(9) How not to go outside naked all the time

(10) How to be himself


Have a GREAT day!

Love Mom and Dad




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