The Importance of Letters to Camp


As your camper begins his or her stay at summer camp, you are about to embark upon one of the greatest adventures of being a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, or friend.  The adventure?  Writing letters to camp of course!

Letters to Camp?

“Whoa – LETTERS to camp?” You say?  Letters in an age of 140-character micro-thoughts on Twitter?”  Letters in a time of shrt txt msgs to ur kids?  …In an era of cell phones, Androids and iPhones?  …Instead of Web pages with pictures?  Text LETTERS in the age of YouTube?  …Instead of Facebook?  (Seeing a trend here?)

Yes, LETTERS.  LETTERS to your camper at summer camp or overnight camp or sleepaway camp.  LETTERS to camp.

A Special Bond

Letters to camp are special.  Special in part because they’re so different from the rest of our electronic experience.  Even more important, letters to camp are special because they build a unique bond between you and your camper.  And in an era of instant – but fleeting – gratification, your letters will become a lasting legacy of the special  relationship that binds you and your camper.


First and foremost, your letters to camp provide support, and they  really do help your camper to have a great summer.  To be independent, to learn new skills, to meet new kids.  While your camper is at camp, letters to camp will be your main source of support.  And time and again, camps tell parents that their letters can even mitigate homesickness.

Dialog, Questions

But letters are also about a dialog and a relationship between you and your camper.  Yes, you build a relationship through support but also by asking questions in your letters.  By showing you care.  And they build a strong relationship through your campers all-too-infrequent responses, each of which you’ll treasure.


Letters to camp are also about sharing who you are.  Your day-to-day experience.  Your funny stories.  Your own unique communication style, your clever wit, your intelligence, your spirituality, your beliefs, your wisdom.  Letters to camp are all about sharing yourself with your camper.

Being Genuine

You may be thinking that you’re not a great writer or that you don’t have anything important to say.  No matter.  Letters to camp express who you are, and your bond with your camper.  You don’t need to impress your camper (don’t even try).  Keep your letters genuine, keep them easy to follow, keep them real, and your camper will appreciate them.

Being Funny

Finally, letters to camp provide humor and a brief respite from the busy days at camp.  Whether you tell funny jokes, share amusing stories, use fill-in-the-blank letters or CampLibs (really), or just write your letters in an unusual way (say from your dog’s perspective), letters to camp will amuse your camper.

Happy Campers

And don’t forget that your letters to camp give campers a warm felling during mail call or rest hour.  They provide the latest news, encouragement, humor and so much more.  Letters to camp show you care.  Your camper will appreciate them, and you’ll feel great.  Go ahead – write a letter today, and begin the great adventure with your camper.

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