Care Packages 101

Do you really “care”? Is the size and volume of your care package directly proportional to the amount of love you have for your child?  Of course not!  But a care package can be a great gift that your child will appreciate.

Ah, care packages, always a camp favorite.  I remember that as a camper, I always looked forward to them.  And it’s amazing what can come in a good care package.  A care package is simply a package full of goodies (not necessarily food) for your camper.  The best ones are the ones you make yourself.  But companies offer convenient, pre-made care packages as well.

I recently came across an old but still relevant article on care packages from the Columbus Parent Magazine.  The article  includes a plethora of tips on care packages.  Among others, the article includes a suggestion for a “letter shower,” a package full of letters from your child’s friends.  That’s a great idea, especially for their birthday when they may be missing their friends.  You can also send pictures.

Also check out this excellent story from the Associated Press:  Summer camp care package: What to send tweens and teens.

Camp rules. Finally, remember that some camps have different rules for different types of “packages.”  Because of potential pest problems, many camps won’t allow food in bunks and thus care packages may not allow food.  Other camps limit the number of care packages so that other kids don’t feel bad when they don’t get care packages.  Our camp only allows one care package per session.  But they’ll allow needed clothes to be sent.  And they also treat most manila envelopes as regular mail, which is unlimited.

Remember: make sure that you have the correct address for packages at your camp.  Our camp uses a PO box for mail but packages have to be delivered directly to the camp.

The Last Word: Care packages are great and always appreciated.  But it’s the everyday, ongoing communication in letters, emails and faxes (where allowed) that helps your child to have a great experience day in and day out.


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