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Even More Fill In the Blank Fun

CampLibs(tm) will surprise your camper.  They follow the Letters to Camp Blog tradition of kid-appropriate fun (i.e, no vulgarity unless you add it in yourself).

Here’s how they work:

Step #1: You get someone to help you fill it in.  Spouses are good but not necessary for this task (Don’t ask.  I will deny that I ever said this!)

Step #2: Following the sheet, you ask your partner in silliness for different words like “clothing” or “scary animal” and fill in the blanks.

Step #3: Send the letter to your camper.  Feeling brave and daring?  Send it alone.  Can’t help but write a “real” letter too?  That’s fine – enclose the CampLib with your “real” letter.

Step #4: Your camper opens up the letter, reads it again and again and again.  Each time they read it, they think about how lucky they are to know YOU.  And as your camper’s friends hear the CampLib, they’ll think how cool it would be if they knew you too!

Step #5: Your camper comes home at the end of camp, gives you a GREAT BIG HUG, turns on the TV and well uh, sorry, I can’t help you here!  You’re on your own at this point!

Ready!  Set!  Download!

Download CampLibs for free from our website (PDF):

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Introducing CampLibs!

A silly fill-in-the-blank letter!

This will really add some zing to your next letter to camp!

Let’s face it, it’s the middle of the summer, and you’re probably tapped out. There’s only so much you can write about waking up, washing, cleaning the house, going to work, eating dinner etc! And that’s where CampLibs ™ come in. CampLibs are just like MadLibs only you, the adult, fill them in and then your kids get to read them.

Imagine your camper rolling on the floor laughing at your CampLib. They’ll be reading them to their bunkmates – they’ll be the hit of the cabin. And you – well, YOU will be the coolest parent of all. Because who else sends a CampLib to their campers? Until now, NO ONE. So jump right in. This CampLib is guaranteed to make writing a letter as fun as reading it. And let’s face it, the price is r-i-g-h-t (as in free)!

Download the CampLib from our website, or click the button on the far right of the box above to sign into Slideshare to and download it there!

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So what do you think? Should we write more CampLibs? Let us know!

10 Ways to Make Your Camper Laugh

Sleepaway Camp Chuckles

ha_haKids love to laugh and your letters to camp can deliver an assortment of giggles and laughs.  Here are a few ideas, most of which I’ve used at different times in letters to my kids at camp.

  1. Change your perspective – for example, write a letter from the perspective of your dog, cat or gerble.
  2. Make up stories of silly things that happened at home, or write a story about, for example, your dog,
  3. Talk like someone else and use their lingo – for example, you could talk like a pirate
  4. Talk in rhyme
  5. Include jokes (check out our complete list of kids joke web sites
  6. Just be plain silly
  7. Send a CampLib(tm), which is a silly fill in the blank madlib that you send your camper
  8. Or just create a fill in the blank letter

Most importantly, just have fun with this and you’re sure to make your camper laugh!

Additional Resources


Over the years, we have created a bunch of items that you can download, from fill-in-the-blank letters to top sheets on how to write better letters to your campers.  Please download any of the items below. Enjoy!


Letters you fill in and send TO your camper!

More fill-in-the-blank letters

Simply cut and paste from the blog posts into your email or letter


CampLib #3: Toilet Trouble!

Even More Fill In the Blank Fun

If you’re in a hurry, click here to download.  Read on for more details.

Our first two CampLibs™ (Wake Up and About Your Room) were so popular that we’ve created our next CampLib in the series, Toilet Trouble! Continue reading ‘CampLib #3: Toilet Trouble!’

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The Funny Letters to Camp Resource List

The ultimate resource for time-strapped parents searching for funny letter ideas!

 Sometimes you just need a quick list of resources, say for writing funny letters to camp. Here it is: the official Letters to Camp Funny Letters Resource List:

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Mix Up Your Letters with CampLibs

Multiple Choice Letters/Fill-In-The-Blank letters

Camp Letter Ideas – Change Your Perspective!

So You Still Need More Ideas?

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